In Quran but not in Bible, King Solomon and his Unique Army Force

In Quran but not in Bible, King Solomon and his Exclusive Army Force

The hosts of King Solomon were the Jinn, man, and the birds.  The Jinn are invisible creatures.  King Solomon utilized to have energy above the Jinn. He could see them, speak to them and command them to do stuff for him!

This is not talked about in the Bible which says that King Solomon loved a lot of foreign females He had seven hundred wives and 3 hundred concubines! His ladies (1000) led him astray and turned his heart soon after other gods!!


The following verse talks about that on a single journey, Solomon’s hosts of the Jinn, of the humankind, and of the birds have been all retained from the initial to the final until finally they had been gathered collectively and they stood assembled for him as they had been being arrayed, brought together in groups and marshaled.

This verse signifies that King Solomon had a special Hosts and Army forces.

His Hosts had been a collection of 3 diverse creatures, which all with each other were effectively skilled and know their duty perfectly!

The verse also illustrates that Solomon’s hosts had been very well organized and obedient.

This is due to the reality that King Solomon was quite stringent and firm!


Surah (Chapter) 27:17


QARIB: we gathered to Solomon his army of jinn, humans and birds gathered and dispersed,

SHAKIR: and his hosts of the jinn and the guys and the birds had been gathered to him, and they have been formed into groups

PICKTHAL: and there were gathered collectively unto Solomon his armies of the jinn and humankind, and of the birds, and they were set in battle purchase

YUSUFALI: and before Solomon have been marshaled his hosts, – of jinn and males and birds, and they have been all kept in order and ranks.



Who are the Jinn?


King Solomon employed to have energy above the Jinn. He could see them, speak to them and command them to do things for him.  Jinn have been an vital component of the Army Force of King Solomon.

The jinn are stated to be creatures with free of charge will, developed from ‘smokeless fire’ by Allah In accordance to the Quran, jinn have free decision, and Satan employed this freedom in front of Allah by refusing to bow to Adam when Allah commanded him to do so. By refusing to obey Allah’s purchase he was thrown out of the Paradise and known as “Shaitan” (Satan). In the Quran, jinn are regularly described and the Surah (chapter) quantity 72 of the Quran is called Al-Jinn (the Jinn). This chapter is entirely about them.

In basic, Jinn are mentioned 36 instances in the Quran.

Jinn are like human currently being but they are invisible creatures.

Some of the Jinn are believers and the others are unbelievers.

In truth, it is described in the Quran that Muhammad was sent as the Last prophet to the two “mankind and the jinn”.

The jinn have communities much like human societies: they eat, marry, die, and so on. They dwell in tribes and have boundaries. They stick to religions as people do, and adhere to the identical ranks in armies as humans do. Jinns can settle in a huge region to a small hole, as they are mass significantly less creatures and can be fit into any room they discover adequate for them. They are invisible to humans, but they can see people. Occasionally they accidentally or deliberately come into see or into contact with humans. Jinn are believed to dwell considerably longer than people: some of whom are stated to be still alive having observed Muhammad (who lived during the 7th century), which would confirm their extended existence. Considerably like humans, jinn have realized to assimilate into the human world when they wish to do so. In several circumstances they live unnoticed between folks marked only by the rather unusual or somewhat secretive practices they maintain. They are not able to breed with humans. Jinn can consider on the kind of people and other animals. They can also be summoned by people.

People trying to carry out black magic on people phone Jinn specializing in dirty deeds to complete the magic this kind of black magic on humans can only be undertaken by dark Jinn – “Ifrit” or “Marid”. In numerous nations there are folks who execute black magic (typically for cursing other folks, or using jinn to influence a marriage to end it up in divorce, etc) in exchange for funds. Therefore, a man or woman often pays a magician, who then calls upon dark jinn, who then performs the magic. These acts are forbidden by Islam and regarded a main sin in Islamic teaching!


It is remarkable that the Quran declares this unusual details about King Solomon that it is not mentioned in the Bible. Meanwhile, the Bible in 1 Kings 11:1-ten says that King Solomon loved many foreign girls He had 7 hundred wives and three hundred concubines! His women (one thousand) led him astray!  And his heart was not totally devoted to the Lord and he did not preserve the Lord’s command!


Back to the major problem of my series of articles this is my question to you smart readers: “Is the Quran quoted from the Bible?”

By the way, the disbelieved ignorant Arabs claimed the same a lot more than 1400 many years ago!

Professor Dr. Ibrahim Khalil

Prof. of Clinical and Chemical Pathology, Head (ex-) of Clinical Microbiology and Infection Control Unit, Ain-Shams University. Cairo, Egypt.  President of the Egyptian Society of Inventors, Honorary President of SPIC-Egypt (The Society of Practitioners of Infection Management – Egypt), Co-Chief Editor of the Egyptian Journal of Lab. Medication.  Member of the Egyptian union of Writers, Published 5 Books and some 60 Medical Articles or blog posts, Supervisors for 79 PhD theses and111 Master Degree theses.