Solomon – Fairy Islands in Pacific Ocean

Solomon – Fairy Islands in Pacific Ocean

Solomon Islands are created up of more than 990 islands, which together cover a land area of 28,000 square kilometers. The primary islands incorporate Choiseul, Guadalcanal, Santa Isabel, San Cristobal, Malaita and New Georgia. In addition, it is reported that volcanoes with varying degrees of activity are located on some of the larger islands while numerous of the smaller sized islands are merely small atolls covered in sand and palm trees. Apart from that, Solomon Islands have a variety of sandy seashores with palm trees, clear blue waters, magnificent coral reefs and colorful marine existence. Solomon is situated south east of Papua New Guinea, and it requires only 3 hours by air to travel there from Australia. Let’s learn Solomon Islands via following exciting pictures.


The map of Solomon Islands


Overview of Solomon Islands


The Solomon Islands is an exotic wonderland of different landscapes, wealthy in cultural and biological diversity.


A quiet stream on Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands


Solomon Islands were most likely identified about five,000 many years ago.


Coral Reef, Solomon Islands


The islands are covered in tropical rainforest and their steep hilly slopes are interspersed with swift flowing creeks, waterfalls and peaceful lagoons.


Solomon residents are extremely friendly and hospitable with warm greetings as meeting visitors.


A festival picture on Solomon Islands


The men and women of the Solomons even now practise a conventional way of existence, preferring to respect the previous customs and traditions, keeping and preserving their stunning unspoiled environment.



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